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Robust and effective HVAC solutions, since 1971.
Robust and effective HVAC solutions, since 1971.
Robust and effective HVAC solutions, since 1971.
Robust and effective HVAC solutions, since 1971.
Robust and effective HVAC solutions, since 1971.
At AMEC, we work with our clients to implement targeted turnkey solutions across a broad range of applications in: air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, plumbing, firefighting, and solar thermal energy.


Our team of engineers is trained to assess the specific needs of your project, then propose and implement efficient solutions, across a range of services, with products supplied by our partners from Greece, Germany, Italy, France, and elsewhere.


Since 1971, AMEC has been at the frontlines of engineering innovations, supplying, installing, and maintaining the latest HVAC – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning – systems. From 2011 onwards, AMEC has successfully completed more than 200 small to large scale projects.

Today, AMEC is expanding its reach to share years of knowledge and expertise with new clients outside Lebanon


Our family business started around 50 years ago in Lebanon, and we’ve been pushing forward ever since. With the latest products from our suppliers in Greece, Germany, Italy, France, and elsewhere, AMEC has earned its way to the top, proposing and implementing HVAC solutions for hundreds of projects in Lebanon and abroad.

Before it was re-established as AMEC, Georges Abou Sleiman Enterprise started as the vision of its founder whose expertise earned him the ongoing trust of partners and clients – most remain with us to this day.

In 2011, Georges Abou Sleiman Enterprise became AMEC. With our partners and clients, we paved the way for further expansion across Africa and the Middle East. With solar thermal technology, we made our leap into the future of mechanical engineering. By partnering up with certified European suppliers, we brought green technology and energy efficiency to the center of our work, as we reinforced the environment at the center of our values.

Today, AMEC boasts the completion of 30 large scale projects, and more than 180 small to medium sized endeavours. The right product in the proper system: the formula that gave AMEC its reputation and earned the trust of its clients. We carry it with us as we continue to expand.


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